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“Who am I sovereign Lord and what is my family that you have brought us this far? And if that were not enough in your sight sovereign Lord you have also spoken about the future, about the house of your servant.” 2 Samuel 7:18-19

Hey y’all! I don’t know about you guys but does it seem like this year is just flying by? It was just New Years and now it’s spring. Let me tell ya we are enjoying the wonderful weather. I love spending time with the girls out doors and even getting a workout in at the park. The weather was perfect while we were home in South Carolina last month. It’s been a busy few weeks trying to get adjusted to a routine again. I’m still unpacking my suitcase (don’t judge)! Before jumping into all of the new and exciting things I’m looking forward to in the month of April I thought I’d share about our trip to the Carolinas and some random tidbits about my nutrition over the last month.
That 22 hour road trip across country with two kiddos was no easy feat. I’m so glad I did it though! I have to admit when I reached my final destination I broke down in tears. I was in awe of how good God had been to us along the way. I usually have a lot of anxiety leading up and during long trips. My mind always thinks the worst. Thankfully we had so many people covering us with prayer and I have no doubt God was listening. The trip couldn’t have gone any better. I planned to get up early each morning and leave no later than 5:30am to get a solid 3-4 hours of driving in before making our first stop for food and gas. I chose to drive during the day because my vision isn’t the greatest at night and the girls still slept most of the drive as they normally world. It worked out really well and we made minimal stops which was ideal. I also only drove 6-8 hours a day and stopped in Clarksville for a day to see some friends which helped break up the trip. It also allowed us to spend quality time with old friends.

The first day of driving was a breeze. I brought meal prep, advocare meal replacement shakes, spark and lots of snacks. It worked out really well because I only stopped once while driving to get food for Ella. I’m really glad I was prepared because the only places to eat in Kanas are fast food (not including a Chick-fil-A). It also saves so much money to pack snacks. Gas station food is expensive and mamas got goals! I decided before I left that I wasn’t going to track macros while traveling. Instead I chose to make good choices when I could and enjoy some of my favorite places to eat while I was home. I was grateful that my parents offered to buy groceries so I could continue to eat what I normally do once I arrived. It was great to eat nutrition dense meals most of the week with a few indulgent meals and treats along the way. I’m learning that my personal journey with nutrition is more about staying consistent than trying to be “perfect” all the time. It was good to take a break from tracking.
I won’t bore you with every little detail of the trip. It was pretty much a straight shot through Kansa, Saint Louis, Tennessee and we finally made it to my mamas in South Carolina. I will share a few things I think would be helpful to anyone traveling long distance with kids. Pack snacks that aren’t super crumby like gummies, bananas, apples and kids RX bars. I also like to travel with a pack of bottled water and a juice box or two. On especially long trips like ours I will admit her iPad helped to keep this mama sane. Their are only so many questions I can handle in one car ride (just saying)! Crayons and coloring books or a portable DVD player are also great entertainment. I also tried to find affordable hotels with an indoor pool so Ella could burn off some energy and wind down for an early bedtime. Last bit of advice pack light. It’s stressful enough loading and unloading the kids much less luggage. I packed one suitcase for myself and a backpack for the girls. Pro tip that my mom shared with me if you roll up your clothes you can fit more in your bag. I hope some of this will come in handy for those of you still reading along.

Now for the fun stuff! I still made working out a priority while traveling. I was able to workout at both hotels and I got to drop in at some of my favorite CrossFit gyms as well! The only open workout I chose to redo this year was 19.3. I was determined to get at least 10 handstand push-ups and thankfully I got 13! I did 19.4 and 19.5 at CrossFit Mayfair in Pickens, SC (my hometown). It was a lot of fun and I loved being able to throw down with some great people. I also got to workout a few times at CrossFit Electric City in Anderson, SC (my husbands hometown). I love that place! It’s filled with some of my favorite people and memories. It’s also always inspiring to workout with my talented friend Alison Stall. She’s pretty amazing and one of the hardest workers I know! If you need a little extra motivation along your fitness journey she’s a great person to follow!
I will say as freeing as not tracking macros felt at times it definitely affected my body and performance. In fact I recently began to notice just how important eating enough food to fuel your body really is. After feeling constantly fatigued, not recovering after workouts and starting to notice my hair falling out I decided it was time to check myself. Yesterday was my first day tracking again and it was a big eye opener. One reason I enjoy tracking is because it holds you accountable. I couldn’t believe that in just one months time I had put myself in a pretty big caloric deficit. Being on the go (too much) and trying to readjust once we got home had me missing an entire meal and short on fats. It didn’t help that I was consuming too much caffeine (still working on that one. All you mamas on the go can relate.
I know deep down that being too busy to fit in meals is an indication that I’m trying to do more than I’m capable. It catches up fast! Having two babies that depend on me means I need to take better care of myself so I can give them my best. Right now my body aches, I’m tired and I need a shower but I know if I slow down and listen to God he’ll lead me to peace and rest. If I wasn’t so stubborn and trying to live in my own strength I wouldn’t be in this mess. I tend to learn things the hard way so here we are! God has been gently guiding me towards repentance and back into his loving arms. Why do we resist his goodness and grace for so long? Anyways feel free to send some prayers my way. Specifically for obedience and wisdom. I’ll leave you with some encouragement for your week. No matter how busy, stressed or overwhelmed you are it’s never too late invite Jesus into your mess. He is the prince of peace and has the power to calm even the worst of storms. We all go through difficulties some more so than others but we are never as alone as Satan tries to make us feel. You are loved, you are worthy you are capable of change in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 “May God himself the God of peace sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, body and soul be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it.”